With our powerful API and Admin Platform you can create simple integrations with your own product or ERP solutions to help to automatize your legally binding document workflow. 

Create, send, track, and eSign documents without leaving the softwares you already love.

What our API provides?

Template Request API

You can create and manage many templates as possible. We give you the power to create them as you wish, no charge for this.

eSign Request API

You can request to one or multiples persons or companies to eSign a document, by sending an e-mail or generate a link to in-person signing.

Workflow Automation API

You can track and automatize your workflow, if any of the parties need to submit a change, we enable this without a single waste of time.

No credit card required

Worried about security?

All eSign documents have three principles to be considered valid and secure.

  1. Authentication: The parties that sign must be properly identified;
  2. Proposal and Consent: Like any transaction, authenticated parties need to be aware of what they are signing;
  3. Proof: All steps of the transaction must be encrypted and capable to get audited.

We use the most advanced encryption available in the world. Using 256 bits encryption all we want is to make you feel free and fully secure to focus on your task.

Scalable and Flexible

It doesn’t matter if you need a simple standard document, a full workflow automation, or anything in between, you can trust us to provide the technology, guidance, and support to all your business needs. Using the power of cloud, we’re ready to scale your legal transactions as your company grows.

Made to your Development Team

Made by devs to devs, our API’s Docs guides your team through the entire development process to explain concepts and we give full support to this integration.

Quickly integrate Contractize technologies into your workflow the way your business needs!

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