Our development team is working hard to deliver the best way to manage your contracts! Contractize is coming soon!

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Hello from Contractize!

Contract management can be a headache… but not anymore!

Contractize is here to make it easier for you!

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Available for Free at App Store and Google Play

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The sky’s not the limit, we can get you to the moon!

We’re here for creatives, independent contractors, freelancers and businesses in need of a way to protect their transactions.

We make it easier for you to create and manage solid, unrelenting contracts so you can have peace of mind.

A Closer Look

Easy and intuitive to use

Designed and tailored to make writing contracts faster, easier and more efficient than ever – all for your convenience!


Attorney-drafted documents for use in your everyday transactions

Multiple ready-to-use document templates just one download away


Customize your own legal documents

We give you the tools you need to easily create and fill-out contracts quickly


100% in-app.

Have your documents available to you anytime, anywhere!


Sign electronically

Forget all about the pen and paper. Don’t worry about clipboards and binders. We make it so you literally only have to lift a finger


Track other parties' signatures

Have full control over a data log of your contracts, check and manage documents that are archived, signed or still awaiting a signature


Send and share your document anytime, anywhere

Easily send and share your documents with other parties. Send copies to associates or clients, take control and expedite the entire process with just a few taps!


Store your documents in Google Drive and Dropbox

We make it simple to store, send and share your documents through third parties as well, offering the best versatility in document management. Export your documents for use outside of the app


Manage your contracts and legal documents

Effective and intuitive navigation will make your documents more manageable than ever! Enough swan-diving into filing cabinets and getting lost inside of folders

How it works?

Zero paper is used in the process; We go green!


1. Make

Choose the right attorney-drafted document to suit your needs. Just a few taps, and you’re done!


2. Sign

Sign your document electronically.

3. Send

Send your document to any other party.

4. Manage

Keep your legally binding documents secure and under control.

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