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Do you need to have legal documents easy?

We help you to make, electronic sign, send, track, receive, store and manage legally-binding documents in seconds! The sky’s not the limit, we can get you to the moon!

How Contractize works?

Make and Sign your document

You choose one amazing template from our library which fits your demand, fill the document according to your needs, then electronic sign it directly within our platform.

Send and Track your document

Send your edited document to invite other parties to electronic sign it. Track all your transactions with smart notifications in any device, just easy.

Receive and Store your document

Receive your document legally-binding signed and invitations from others too. Store your documents with no hard thoughts.

Fully Manageable flow

With your documents signed by all parties, you have a PDF file. Get control of your own library, check your activities log, access the documents and more! But no worries, your contracts will never be deleted from our servers.

Intuitive to use

Since the beginning we knew that doesn’t matter what are the standards in our market, we wanted to give you the best experience possible when drafting a document. So our incredible UX Team worked without stopping until we knew our product became the most intuitive and practical e-sign platform that exists, and the guys haven’t still stopped yet… we have planned a roadmap of two years ahead.

Attorney drafted ready-to-use documents

We have a team of experienced lawyers who worked for years drafting all kinds of legal documents, so they bring this experience together with our UX Team to create the best templates for your use and more are coming… All our documents are ready-to-use.

100% paperless*

We definitely want to go Green! And we want you to go Green as well! First of e-sign premisses is NO MORE PAPER! We care about the environment, we like trees, so let’s care about how to solve problems without destroying our planet.

And all this starting for free

*No credit cards required.

Worried about security?

All e-sign documents have three principles to be considered valid and secure.

  1. Authentication: The parties that sign must be properly identified;
  2. Proposal and Consent: Like any transaction, authenticated parties need to be aware of what they are signing;
  3. Proof: All steps of the transaction must be encrypted and capable to get audited.

For you, we make it easy and intuitive, but behind the scenes, we use the most advanced encryption available in the world. Using 256 bits encryption all we want is to make you feel free and fully secure to focus on your task.

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